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PureSafety LSMS

PureSafety offers the industry's most comprehensive online safety training, delivery and management solution. Our award-winning online library includes over 600 engaging, interactive courses covering all aspects of Environmental, Health and Safety, Human Resources compliance, Employee Health and Wellness, Driver Safety, and much more. Most are available in multiple languages and new titles are added all the time to meet your ever-changing training needs.

  • Automate data management
  • Train more employees at more locations
  • Reduce costs
  • Lower incidents and injuries
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Measure performance
  • Lower insurance costs and loss payouts

At PureSafety, we're technically in the business of providing online safety training and risk management software solutions. But those eight words don't tell our whole story. We provide powerful, innovative technology solutions that empower you to protect your organization's greatest assets.


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